Drift away into another world, you're in good hands. Not only does massage give you some much needed time out, it also stimulates circulation and increases endorphin levels, promoting a feeling of wellbeing.

30 min: $65
45 min: $79
60 min: $92
90 min: $137


Remedial massage is used to reduce pain and increase flexibility. Your therapist will draw on a variety of techniques such as Trigger Points, Myofascial Release, Cupping and Shifting to treat acute or chronic problems. If claiming on a Health Fund, ask when booking.

30 min: $72
45 min: $84
60 min: $98
90 min: $148

Magnesium Muscle Scrub

Magnesium helps with muscle cramps, spasms, restless legs, tight or heavy muscles. Relax and feel the benefits as your therapist massages the scrub into the muscles and hot towels it off.

Add-On to any massage
Half Body $10
Full Body $15

Prenatal Massage

Tension melts away from your back, legs and feet, reducing swelling and muscle cramps. The treatment is done on a table designed to gently cradle the belly which is amazingly comfortable. Choose from Relaxation or Remedial Massage and mention how many weeks pregnant you are and we will take care of the rest

Hot Stone Massage

A truly pampering massage using the thermal effects of hot stones in combination with massage to take you to a place of deep relaxation, releasing body and mind.

45 min: $104
60 min $124
90 min: $163

Therapeutic Back Treatment

An enjoyable multi-therapy treatment targeting the Back, Neck and Shoulders. Including deep tissue / remedial massage combined with cupping on the tension areas and followed by a Dead Sea Mud Mask. The treatment finishes with hot towels and a luxurious moisturiser.

60 min: $124

Bowen Therapy

Bowen is a gentle form of bodywork that balances the body allowing it to access its own healing abilities. The original Bowen technique is very gentle and is appropriate for anyone from pregnant women to newborn babies, the frail and elderly to the fit and active. Specific brochure available.

30 - 40 min $72

Sports Massage

Treats sports related issues for performance enhancement, injury prevention, stiffness, flexibility and injury rehabilitation. (See Remedial Prices)

Aromatherapy Oils

Available on request, choose from Relaxation, Uplifting or Sore Muscle blends. Our base oil is high quality water dispersable sunflower and Rice bran oil - very nourishing.


Cupping is a Chinese technique used to stretch the muscles and fascia and drawing toxins and impurities out of the body. We use cupping in conjunction with deep tissue or remedial massage to enhance the treatment. Ask about Cupping when you book your next massage.

+ $5 to your Remedial Massage

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Ear Candling

Gently draws earwax and impurities out of the ear. Helps regulate ear pressure and prevent ear infections. It also helps with eye and sinus problems, as they are all connected. Beneficial for Ear & Sinus Infections, Sinus Congestion, Tinnitus, Sudden Hearing Loss and Hay Fever. Specific brochure available.

30 min: $72


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